Elders assisted living services for May Weekend Elder ‘Escapees’

Elders Winneba May weekend escape. 5th-8th May, 2023 advertising poster.

Elderly persons increasingly face risk of isolation as their independence, social networks, and hence community of support dwindles over time. Indeed many do find themselves in a virtual prison of isolation and infirmity. Many can and do spend long hours of the day alone sitting for too long in one spot many times without stimulating interaction or conversation. It doesn’t have to be so. Vibrant Aging Community Center (VACC), Ghana’s premium assisted living facility located in Winneba, provides elders assisted living services that banish isolation and provides activities to mitigate the aged doldrums.

“Sitting is as bad as smoking”

Did you know that medial science has identified prolonged sitting to be as bad or worse than smoking on one’s health? Loneliness and physical inactivity are among the major health hazards leading to early decline. Particularly for older persons, being sedentary and alone leads to a cascading downward spiral to premature frailty and fragility. A senior who is not physically and mentally active experiences more general stiffness, weakness, and depression. Engaging in pursuits that keeps one functioning optimally seems like an unreachable goal, a dream of the past. It doesn’t have to be so!

Elders assisted living services to the rescue.

The May 5th-8th Elders Winneba Weekend Escape at VACC coincided with the famed Aboakyere (Deer Hunt) Festival and also the televised Coronation of King Charles III “across the pond”. The atmosphere and vibe that weekend in Simpa (Winneba) and at VACC was palpable with anticipation and excitement. A group of trailblazing elders signed up to a SOLD OUT Elder Winneba Weekend Escape. The ‘escapees’ gained a peek into what a life of vibrancy in old age could be. They enjoyed a wonderful program line up that highlighted VACC ACTIVITIES, ASSISTANCE, COMPANIONSHIP, CARE & COMFORT. The VACC crew received them with warm welcomes and hands on assistance as each checked in. Then they started connecting with each other starting at the ‘Get to know your gem’ ice breaker session, and throughout the weekend as they shared delicious meals together in family style dining, performed group morning stretch-aerobics, fun Barbecue, games, and music, some even enjoyed pedicures.

Always assisted by and attended to by wonderful VACC team of support staff.

Group photo of weekend escape attendees and uniformed staff in the Multipurpose Room at the VACC assisted living facility.

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Elder Assisted living service on display-Wellness officer and volunteer in Elders Are Gems white T shirts ready the breakfast buffet table in the multipurpose room/dining section at the Vibrant Aging Community Center, assisted living facility in Winneba, Ghana.
Breakfast is Served by Wellness Officer and Carer.
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