2022 in Review

Jumping into the Unknown

At the start of 2022, Vibrant Aging Community Center (VACC) was an unfinished building hurtling towards a seemingly insurmountable goal of being launch ready by May. The vision remained crystal clear "to set the standard for Elder Care and Assisted Living in Ghana", but the roadmap..not so much. The pressure was acute, daily intensifying as time evaporated fast and furious as the challenges that came were legion. It was trial by fire and quite literally by relentless torrential rainstorms! ‘Mission Impossible’ seemed afoot, sometimes even felt like a skydive jump out of a plane without lessons or a parachute. Yep, it was that exciting. “We are building the plane as we (learn to) fly it!” Errmm...what? The fledgling team clung to “Fear not! for I am with You.” Team members indeed did begin to learn on the job- Management team, foreman, contractor, contract negotiator, website designer and developer, event planner, landscaper, cleaning crew, electricians, plumber, painter, carpenter, marketing team, Interior designer, watchman, handyman, fumigator, and multiple hats were worn. Fear became a propelling fuel, enabling invaluable skillsets to be acquired and honed. Sure progress was made, key milestones achieved- by Faith. C. C. Sarbah. 2023

We’ve come this far by faith.

With eyes of flesh ceding to that of faith, VAC Center remains committed to “striving for perfection, will settle for excellence”. We are indebted to the kindred spirits who have come alongside for the exhilarating ride: those who came for a season, did their part in getting us to this point, and are now moving on to new adventures; those who remain and those joining us anew to push the vision forward; the community engagement and partnerships that are being forged; the wonderful visitors that have and will come, helping spread the word; our vibrant volunteers young and old; generous supporters & encouragers overseas and locally. Many, many thanks and very best wishes for all as we enter 2023 with great hope and anticipation of even better days ahead for our elderly persons.

Formal Commissioning by Paramount Chief Neenyi Ghartey VII- we are officially launched!
New staff arrive!
Open House tours -curious visitors and future community partners begin to engage…
Our first gem- inaugural long-stay resident moves in!

“Who He has called He will also equip; Where He guides, He will provide.”

Formal Commissioning. May 26th, 2022
Story telling
Anansesem Saturday. November 19th, 2022

VACC is being refined to realize the yeoman’s task to which it has been called.

C. Sarbah
1st Annual Elder Fair. October 1, 2022
Let’s celebrate elders! Hosted 1st Annual Elder Fair in honor of UN International Day of Elderly Persons.
We inaugurated our Elder Daycare Program!
Another gem-first Elder Daycare client tests the waters!
Live performance of the first Anansesem Saturday in collaboration with the H&E Preparatory School class, hit the local airwaves!
A couple of weekend-stay guests get a taste of the Vibrant Aging Community Center living.

All aboard! The VACC train has left the station and is in motion…See you at the next stop.

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