Our First ‘Anansesem Saturday’ Nov 19 2022.

The Vibrant Aging Community Center continues on its mission to create and foster a supportive engaging community around elders. Introducing ‘Anansesem Saturday’ at VACC… The Residence will showcase elders and children interacting positively with one another through the fun medium of storytelling (Anansesem).  Saturday, 19th November 2022, served as the test run -pilot program from 2pm to 5pm- and was broadcasted live on Radio Peace the local radio station.  

VACC staff identified elder resource persons in Simpa (Winneba) who did such a wonderful job bringing to life age-old traditional stories- all in a lighthearted and fun atmosphere. Indeed for the occasion, the VACC front porch was transformed into a ‘village compound’ of sorts complete with woven palm fronds fencing, aseseguahs (traditional stools), and colorful ketes (traditional straw mats). 

The specially invited class of 20 pupils from H&E Preparatory School in Winneba to participate in this first complimentary ‘Anansesem Saturday’ pilot were regaled with stories that elicited great mirth and hilarity, as well as moral and life lessons gleaned. The children were also treated to free delicious homemade caramel popcorn and kube cake (coconut brittle) right out of the VACC kitchen.

VACC believes ‘Anansesem Saturday’ will benefit both elders and children. The elders get the opportunity to pass on traditional folklore and cultural history to the children. In addition to enjoying fun stories, the children in turn learn to value and appreciate older persons, and want to spend quality time with them. VACC envisions the program will contribute to children’s cultural learning in Winneba and beyond.

Special thanks to the masterful storytellers/community resource older persons, H&E Preparatory School Headmaster Mr. Enoch Buadu, his pupils and their teacher for their favorable response to the invitation to collaborate on the Anansesem Saturday Pilot Program, Radio Peace, the VACC staff for excellent hosting and service.

Last but certainly not the least-big thank you to one very talented photography student Promise Asomani for his beautiful photos/videos which so aptly captured the essence of the day

Pre 'Anansesem Saturday' Rounds
Under The Tree
All the Best Meetings
VACC Kitchen Happenings
The Anansesem Ladies
1st 'Anansesem Saturday' Invited Guests
'Anansesem Saturday' Pilot Sign In
Akwaaba to 'VACC ANANSESAM Compound'
Anansesem Saturday Begins
Anansesam Saturday Pilot
Ananse Stories at VACC
Animated Anansesem Session
Storytime (Anansesem) in Session
'Anansesem Saturday' Tales
Bringing Ananse Stories to Life
'Anansesem Saturday' participant
'Anansesem Saturday' Treats
A Winning Combo
Anansesem Saturday Applause
Anansesem Pearls Shared
Anansesem Lessons Learned
1st 'Anansesem Saturday' draws to a close.
1st 'Anansesem Saturday' Success
H&E Preparatory School class

Anansesem Saturday at VACC will occur every 3rd Saturday, starting in February 2023, for a small gate fee, and snacks will be sold. 

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